Flak 18 8,8cm en Tiger 1 Kwk 36 Sprgr Cut-Out Replica Set

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Cut-Out Replica of the 8,8cm Sprgr L/4,5 with Flak Cartridge Case 18/36 en Tiger 1 Kwk 36


We like to offer our amazing 1:1 replica of the famous Flak 88/Tiger 1 grenade, better known as the "eighty-eight". The Flak 88 was feared by the Allies because of its extreme destruction in the air as on the ground.

Further in WO2 this famous canon even got placed on the German PzKpfw VI know as the Tiger 1!

This Replica Cut Out is designed with high precision, exact in shape aswell in codes and paint on the grenade itself. 3D-Printed with high quality PLA from Ultimaker by an Ultimaker and painted with A-class paint and weathering.

Because of the rarity and incredible high prices for original shells, we like to offer a product that's as close to the original as possible.

We also decided to make our Sprenggranate as a cut-out version so all the internal parts can be seen!

Flak 88 and Tiger 1 Kwk 36 Sprgr (Sprenggranate) L/4.5 8.8cm 88mm with AZ23/28 or S/30 Fuse Set with Cartridge Case

Painted in the well known yellow and green color, weathered, all stamps (even waffenamts) and codes correct as the should be and fitted with the AZ23/28 Fuse for ground impact targets or the S/30 Fuse for ground to air targets. With a production proces of more than 55 hours printing, primed, painted, weathered and sealed so that the grenade will stay in excellent condition, it's a beautiful and amazing handcrafted object for every collector, enthusiast and even museums!

Our set include a replica Cut Out Sprenggranate L/4.5 Grenade with a originel restored Flak 88/Tiger 1 Cartridge Case. On the Cartridge Case the correct codes on the side and bottom are brought back to give the complete grenade a finishing touch including the C12 and C22 primers.

Other combinations cut-outs are possible. Please let us know.

Codes Grenade

13: 40/60 Amatol poured in explosives

IV: Weight class

Ng.13.9.42E: Place, date and mark of production grenade 

Ng.21.9.4: Place, date and mark of Fuze

FES: Sintered Iron driving bands

STG: made of cast steel

Dimensions Grenade

Height: 39cm

Width: 8.8cm

Weight: 280 gram

Combination Grenade + Cartridge

Height: 92cm

Weight: 3kg

8,8cm Sprgr AZ23/28 Set
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